A Christian Perspective of Homeosexyality 

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the world around me and “right” vs. “wrong” and whether in life if there truly is a “gray area”. Of course there is. “Right” overlaps and commingles with “wrong” on a daily basis. All of this comes from individuals perceptions and beliefs. I’m not one to write extensively about my own personal beliefs but since I’ve been taking my first political science class of many (I’m majoring in political science) I’ve been forced to look at the government we’re in and the world around me. One of the “hot topics” in the courtrooms, the media and at dinner table conversations has been whether gay marriage should be legal. I’m going to talk about this on behalf of my personal beliefs, not on the intention of persuading you to believe what I believe. I do hope that my perspective makes you think about your beliefs though. Life is about learning and evolving and gaining new perspectives. If an individual is so stuck in their own personal beliefs to the point where they aren’t able to gain new perspectives then what contribution are they giving towards society?

I personally believe that gay marriage should most definitely be legalized in every state, country, and continent. It breaks my heart to see the type of disapproval that is bestowed on homosexuals and their want to get married. The largest community that bestows this hate and disapproval is the community that I associate myself the most with. The Christian community. I am a Christian and I love gays.

I grew up in a Christian household, fairly conservative. I went to Sunday school and learned all the “rights” and “wrongs”. I learned that there was no gray area. My life was set in stone. If I believed the right things, said the right things, and prayed the right things, I too would be accepted into the kingdom of God. As I grow and learn I come to the conclusion that this is bullshit. The God I know and love has given me the freedom to read and perceive the bible in the way that it will apply to my life and the world I live in today. Why am I a Christian though? Why do I believe in this book that is full of stories where the original copies aren’t even in existence? These questions are something I ask myself everyday. My answer is I believe in the concept of love which is the overarching theme of the bible. I believe in unity, and without God there can’t be unity.

Many Christians today are handing out God’s love in a wrapped box to the people they believe are deserving of this love. Unfortunately the homosexual population will not be receiving this gift. Inside the gift is eternal life. Yet most Christians don’t want the public to know this, “We love gay people…we just don’t agree with their life choices,” “I invite gay people to church in hopes that they will change,” “God loves gay people, he just can’t accept them to heaven unless they repent.” These are a few of the things I’ve heard at church, youth group or just at social settings with my church community. I do not believe in the God that these people are talking about.

The God I believe in thrives for community between all people. The God I believe in doesn’t see sexual orientation as the breaking point between community with him in heaven and then hell. I wouldn’t believe in God if this were the case. I would rather live a broken life with no faith than believe in a God who says that “being gay” is a sin. The bible talks about homosexuality a little bit, it talks about it as against the norm, which is true. It talks about gay rape….which is a sin, as it should be. Rape is an awful act, whether it is gay rape or straight rape.

God loves everyone….he doesn’t love gay people but also think that their acts are sinful. That is not true and real love. God wants us to be in community with each other and have an intimate partner on this earth. He has made us to love one another. It would be hypocritical to tell us to love one another and to create families and community, but only with people of the opposite sex, no matter who you may be attracted to. God is not hypocritical.

The United States has valued marriage on a federal standpoint since the creation of the U.S. Being married comes with many perks such as tax breaks, grants, etc. Our country has been able to grow and learn to the point where being gay is accepted and you now are able to receive the perks of being married in most states (soon to be all). Christians, do not stop the growth of the country we live in, do not fight it. Stop the hypocritical trends. Many Christians have grown up in a conservative household like myself and believe that there is no way they can believe in God and believe that being gay ISN’T a sin. Well guess what, you can. And I would probably go as far to say that believing in a God who doesn’t condemn homosexuality is a much more gratifying experience. You’re able to live your life without judgment and full of the grace and love of God.

*I understand that my thoughts throughout this writing have been jumbled and pieced together oddly, I have been out of the blogging/creative writing world for a while now so thank you for bearing through it and reading my thoughts.